Discovering the Root Cause of Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is also categorized as medial epicondylitis in medical terminology. It occurs when any damage is done to the tendons and muscles which control the movement of fingers and wrist. Any forceful or stressful movement which is repeated or any improper hitting, lifting or throwing could result in golfer elbow issue.

Medical facilities available in Singapore

Singapore has some of the world’s most aptly equipped hospitals that offer far more than just space to take in more patients. They offer state of the art machine and technology (X-RAYs, CT scans, MRI machines) which are programmed to produce the most accurate of results. There are specially trained doctors and physicians that can cater to any and all conditions and maladies that their patients may be suffering from.

This leads to the further generation of more solutions and remedies which can benefit more and more people suffering from such ailments. And because Singapore offers universal healthcare, there has been a definite increase in the medical services being sought by Singaporean residents themselves rather than seeking medical help internationally. Golfer’s elbow is just one of the many conditions that the country’s healthcare sector is able to treat.

Golfer’s Elbows Explanation and Treatment

The trained doctors can offer solutions to an array of conditions and diseases. The most common of which, are muscle and joint pains. There are so many aches and pains that can occur in any part of the body and they can worsen and even become irreversible if not given the proper medical attention.

Take the condition of ‘golfer’s elbow’. This condition causes pain throughout the arms and in the elbow area with the pain originating from within the elbow and going down to the wrists. There are very diverse solutions to this condition as well.

Some doctors recommend the PRP treatment. This stands for Platelet-rich Plasma and it basically entails injecting one’s own blood (taken from another part of the body) to the affected aching area. The main idea here is that the sore muscles have become too painful to move and therefore do not receive any blood. This leads to there being little to no oxygen reaching the sore muscles which helps them move and function properly.

With the help of the plasma taken from another region of the body and injecting it within the affected area, oxygenated blood can how flow between the muscles and the tendons and oxygen can be absorbed. This treatment ensures that no foreign substance is entering the body but one’s own blood.

Another treatment prescribed is the simplest of all: rest. Though it may seem underestimated, resting your sore muscles can help them heal naturally and moving them excessively can cause further strain and can even worsen the effects. Rest is one of the best possible remedies and it is the most pocket friendly as well.

Other treatments and therapies are listed here and more information can be found at Providence’s Golfer’s Elbow Treatment webpage.

  • Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) injection therapy
  • Oral Anti-inflammatory/analgesic medication
  • H&L injection (Cortisone)
  • Brace
  • Physiotherapy

Find out more about these therapies at an orthopaedic consultant or from a medical professional at a hospital or polyclinic to have a better understanding of your condition and of the relevant treatment options available.