Golfer’s Elbow Treatment for the Elderly

Singaporean Healthcare Achievements

Singapore is famous in the world for their amazing achievements in medical science. The country really has raised the bar for other countries to follow when it comes down to both practice and research in the medical field, being the first Asian country to do so. While setting the bar higher for other countries, Singapore also assures universal healthcare for their own citizens and completely free healthcare for the elderly. There are a multitude of diverse fields within this medical sector that can range from the highly complex neuroscience to spinal surgeries to everyday common maladies and conditions.

Elderly Population Demographic in Singapore

It is important to note that because there are such diverse solutions and remedies available for what seems like every disease out there, there has been an increase in the elderly population demographics in Singapore. The proportion of residents aged 65 years and over has increased from 8.8% in 2009 to 14.4% in 2019. That is almost double of what the populace was originally. Naturally when the senior citizens are growing in number, the government would need to cater to their medical needs. This leads to better medical services available in almost all hospitals across the country with trained doctors and qualified physicians.

Golfers Elbows in the Elderly

The matter remains: when you get older, your joints, your muscles, the way your body works sheds down a little and your reflexes become slower. The body is prone to more aches and pains. This can lead to many painful conditions and some common ones such as golfer’s elbow and the tennis elbow conditions.

Differences: Tennis Elbows and Golfer’s Elbow

Although both may seem like one and the same thing (both causing aches within the elbow region) there are very distinct differences within the both conditions. Golfer’s elbows causes pain from the elbows to the wrist, the pain originating from within the elbow. Tennis elbows causes aches and pains from the outside the elbow within the surrounding tendons within the muscles.

Treatments for the Condition

The treatments for golfer’s elbow are varied and naturally some are suited well for some specific while other solutions are deemed acceptable to others. The easiest of solutions can found for golfer’s elbow pain is within medications. These painkillers are well suited to provide relief to the pained area and can sooth the overworked muscles. By using prescribed medication mobility and flexibility can be restores back to the limbs. There are some more traditional methods which can be prescribed by the doctor. Therapeutic massages can also help elevate the pain when given by the help of your trained physician.

There are rehabilitation centers available in hospitals all over Singapore which aid in providing safe, effective exercises also aimed at relieving pain. More modernistic solutions involve surgery and injecting steroids within the pained area. Though these do provide effective relief from the pain, research has shown that the effects have less to no effect when taken long-term.

Listed above are the many solutions provided by the Singaporean medical sector. Though the country continues to make big news with their medical achievements it is important to understand which procedures and solutions work best for which individual.