Do Meniscus Tear Injuries Only Occur in Athletes?

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Cartilage makes an essential part of the bone and any tearing in it leads to the meniscus. The meniscus functions between the tibia and femur bone so the walking and movement between the knee could be improved. It can tear or suffer breakdown owing to any injury to the cartilage or traumatic experience.

In case of any issue to the knee, immediate medical attention is sought to avoid further damage to the cartilage. Read here for professional information on Meniscus Tear Treatments and Surgery.

Is it limited to only athletes?

There is a common myth among people in Singapore and the rest of the world that torn meniscus can occur only in sportsman and athletes because they are more into twisting, bending and jerking knee muscles. It is not always true.

Athletes do make bigger sufferer, but there are some other people as well who could suffer from this issue. It is also possible that meniscus tear due to some everyday activities like squatting knees, getting in and going out of the car abruptly, dancing, skiing or racquetball.

All these activities also involve twisting, bending, and moving knees to the angles which can easily twist muscles and cause damage to the cartilage.

Initial Symptoms:

Like treatment, the initial symptoms of the meniscus tearing also depends upon the intensity of the injury and pain. It mainly starts with slight pain in which you can keep moving, walking and carry on normal routine tasks.

With time, while twisting and squatting, the pain gets worsen and the knee seems to have locked. Gradually, you will not be able to carry on a routine walk or even drive due to intense pain.

Stepwise Progression:

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for obvious progression to notice. Your swelling on the knee muscles might go away after 6 to 8 weeks and you can now bear the minimal pain in the knee. But if you are an athlete, then you might not be able to continue normal sports or basketball so soon. Because if you so, the swelling may intense and you might face some serious consequences. With this pain, sometimes you will not be able to walk up the stairs and get in or out of the car easily.

Sometimes the knee starts preparing extra fluid due to meniscus tearing. It is because when the knee is bent repeatedly, it creates a place between the knee joints and the fluid is produced. Individuals with chronic swelling have to hold their knees in a pending position so they could get joint contraction and hamstring tightness. The torn meniscus also causes the in and out movement of the knee troublesome, resulting in arthritis.

A Meniscus Tear is Not Life-Threatening:

It is pertinent to mention that torn meniscus is not life-threatening and cannot damage your muscles if treated timely. If the meniscus torn causes discomfort and look swelled, or locked; it can damage the rest of the knee muscles as well. You will have to live with this permanent damage for the rest of your life, which means no sports, no hang out with friends and no free movements.

The issue should be treated well in time so any permanent damage to the knee muscles and joints canbe avoided.