A Peek into the Life of an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Singapore

Singapore Orthopaedic Surgeons

As long as you are normal walking or running, nothing seems difficult. But when due to some simple injury in the ankle joint or knee bone, mere walking seems difficult and become painful. Any issue with the foot or ankle direct impact mobility and somehow restrict normal movement. Sometimes arthritis is also one of the main reasons behind the issue and needs medical attention.

Training of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Singapore:

Once 5 years have been completed in medical school, one has to go through 6 years of training to become surgeons specialised in Orthopaedics. Normally, the first year is about general knowhow and residency which involves learning basic knowledge of the issue, whereas next years are dedicated to learning the specialization with advanced training.

After residency, 1 year or sometimes 6 months’ fellowship needs to be completed. One has to learn all sub-areas of orthopaedic to become an expert in the field.

Orthopaedic Surgeon vs Chiropractor:

A chiropractor doesn’t come in the medical category of a medical doctor. In Singapore, they are not authorized to prescribe any medication to the patient. Mainly, they do therapy, which is manual and called spinal manipulation. Alternative treatment, as well as hand-on surgery, are also covered in their domain. A chiropractor is of the view that everybody can heal on their own when given time and they purely believe in this notion.

Orthopaedic care medical doctors and specialists having specialized qualification and experience. These people are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of any musculoskeletal system. They can use modern scientific methods and technologies including MRI, X-rays and can inform patient what issue they are facing and what could be the probable treatment for that.

When all non-surgical methods of treatment do not relieve the patient of the issue, an orthopaedic surgeon plan a surgery so treatment could be successfully achieved.

Challenges faced by Orthopaedic Surgeons in Singapore:

With people bombarded with a lot and a lot of information from people, online sources and other means, it is not easy to differentiate between fiction and facts. People who come to orthopaedic surgeons are sometimes confused about their treatment. There are a lot of misconceptions related to surgical treatment. Also sometimes due to no cooperation of the patients, surgeons find it hard to work and give their best. Usual misconceptions in the mind of patients are:

  • After surgery, they will not be able to walk on their own, drive a car or go to work
  • People are also of the view surgical treatment by orthopaedic surgeons is very risky and life-threatening
  • People are also of the view that after surgery the skin of that area will either rupture or paralyse
  • Recovery of the joint/knee may take years

It becomes the sole responsibility of the orthopaedic surgeon to remove all doubts and uncertainties from the minds of their patients. They need to have proper sittings with their patients and listen to their concerns. Also, patients need to be informed of the procedure involved and recovery time. Surgeons need to listen to concerns before planning for any surgical or non-surgical procedure.