Here’s Why You Should Never Leave a Torn Meniscus Untreated

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The professionalism and the twisting of the basketball player are very incredible to watch. It is even not possible for their crossovers to forecast in which direction they move.

They are habitual of jumping, sprinting, swerve and dunking even if they have as such no bone. It is also true that these twisting, turning, and bending can cost you more if any single wrong move is taken.

In severe cases, meniscus surgery is advised (click to read more).

Does it restrict movements?

There is some specific type of movements which can cause the issue of the torn meniscus which many athletes face in their lives. This is one of the most common causes of torn meniscus injury among sportsmen. It is pertinent to mention that you might still walk after the initial injury but if left untreated, you might feel stiffness in your leg and could lead to permanent damage.

Why timely treatment is mandatory:

Even if you leave it like that, it can cause permanent inability in walking and you won’t be able to play sports again or take part in any physical activity. In more cases, permanent knee problem can also arise like arthritis. If you keep walking with a torn meniscus, cartilage damage can develop a permanent knee issue.

Learn about your Knee and Meniscus Tears:

The knee is formed with three bones. Normally knee joint is a tough and strong muscle. At the same time, it is flexible but not to the extent that it could be rotated and moved to all directions.

When anyone takes an active part in sports activities, like basketball the force as well as the degree to which the knee twists can either tear the cartilage between the knees or reduces more friction between the shinbone and thigh bone.

The cartilage is the meniscus, and each knee has around two menisci in the wedge shape. The issue of a meniscus tear is more common among sportsman and athletes, who are active participators in different bending, twisting and changing knee positions games.

Torn Meniscus: Can it heal on its own?

For any sports, endurance is an essential part and parcel. And for any sportsman playing during injury mean a badge of honour. But in the case of meniscus tear, the case is slightly different. If at any point in time, you realise being injured with torn cartilage and you leave it untreated then you are moving towards permanent damage to your knee.

It all depends upon the type and intensity of the injury. If it is noticed in the early stage, it can be treated without undergoing any surgical treatment. On the other hand, if it is left untreated and go worse, then you might have to live with this issue for the rest of your life.

If the tearing is on the outer side of the meniscus, then you can let it treat on its own. Because it won’t require any surgical procedure. But, if the issue is grave and requires regeneration of the meniscus tissue, then the physician might ask you for surgical treatment.

It depends on how the doctor treats the issue. He needs to physically examine the patients and then suggest swift and accurate treatment.