How to do away with Termites

Termites can be extremely dangerous for they are that one creature that can ruin the foundation of your house in a matter of years. What is worse is that they cannot even be noticed in the first few years, which means that there is no way to assess if they have entered the house or not and once you have realized their presence, they have already infested your house and started attacking it. So, it is extremely important that proper precautions be taken to protect the house by taking help of termite control services .

Ways to do away with Termites

There are many ways to do away with termites one of them is using certain chemicals that do the job almost immediately, but they come with some restrictions. It is better to get hold of a licensed professional who can help you in this regard.

A chemical called permethrin dust presents immediate results and is an insecticide that is natural and effective for a long period of time. Not only is it effective for termites for a long duration, it is also effective for other insects like ants, ground beetles, ticks etc. Homeowners and professional use it as an effective mechanism to do away with termites.

Arsenic Dust

This is another fool-proof way to do away with termites as this is a chemical that spreads, if one termite can gets effected by this chemical, it will spread it to the entire colony, spreading it to the entire colony and washing the entire colony off. Since arsenic dust is cannibalistic, it will spread to insects that feed on termites that have contracted it.

Maintain Wood so it is not Damp

The biggest cause of termite infestation can be damp wood. Termites need the right amount of humidity and temperature to help them thrive. So, it is important that the wood is maintained as dry wood does not allow termites to infest them. Make sure that the wooden furniture at your home is dry.

Low Temperature

The lower the temperature, the easier it is to do away with termites. This means that 20 degree Fahrenheit will not allow termites to thrive and to lower the temperature, liquid nitrogen can be used. Other natural ways to do away with termites is to flood them, when you small tubes of mud in your garden, flood it with water and this will get rid of the termites immediately and naturally. Sunlight is another great way to do away with termites, if you flood your house with sunlight, it is a sure shot way to do away with termites. Sunlight plays a vital role in killing the termites. It is important to let sunlight in by opening the windows and doors so that enough sunlight enters the house.

Salt is helpful

Salt is an effective way to do away with these creatures and another natural antidote. Fill a jar of salt and warm water in equal proportions and make sure that the water is very salty. Now take the salty water in a syringe, inject it in the affected areas and you will see that the termites will die due to dehydration.

Orange Oil is Effective

Another effective way to do away with termites is the extract of orange peels which is orange oil. Since it is not water and one should be careful while handling it. Its intake, by mistake, can be dangerous as it can cause severe stomach upsets and can irritate the skin and eyes. This extract is helpful as it kills the cell membrane of the insects. Drill a hole in the infested area and pour the oil into this hole and the results will start to show in a week or two.

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